Digital Surveying Brisbane

Digital Surveying in Brisbane for Easy Engineering Solutions

Modern technology makes engineering simple with the help of digital surveying. At Holovision 3D, we can help you make accurate 3D models of your structures to review during the design process and for pre-construction client walkthroughs. Our variety of services allow internal and external scans as well as altered reality solutions for all your planning needs.

Tips Regarding Digital Surveyors Brisbane

This technology is cutting edge, and it’s essential to know all the places you can go right, or wrong.

  • Invest at several stages: Your space will change over time, either through additions or possibly the inevitable degradation of the building. As it does, you can take multiple 3D scans to monitor and adjust your engineering for the changing space. 3D modelling will also give you full model blueprints to show investors or clients the progress you’ve made.
  • Risk management: Using laser mapping technology is a great way to ensure the safety of both the structure and workers. 3D mapping services can accurately measure all angles of a structure without physical contact so will not disrupt the site itself.
  • Find experienced 3D mappers: Since digital surveying is an emerging field, there are several entering the market without the appropriate knowledge or experience. It’s essential to read reviews and shop around to find digital surveyors in Brisbane who will give you quality results without the need for remeasuring.

Related Services We Provide to Digital Surveyors Brisbane

The future is full of potential, and we investigate multiple avenues of experience to offer you the best services.

  • Mixed reality: When you work on paper plans, it can be hard to visualise the completed space, which is where we come in. Using 3D scans of your structure we can use a mixture of virtual reality and augmented reality to help you construct your project before you begin building. You’ll be able to design and create holograms so you can walk through the space and make the necessary adjustments before it’s too late.
  • Clash detection: After the design, but before building, you’ll likely want to double-check and make sure all the specs fit the space. Our 3D modelling software can be used to match your design to the laser scan to ensure accuracy. Accuracy saves time and money by reducing errors and the need for any rebuilds.
  • Detailed design documentation: When you use our digital surveying resources, it becomes unnecessary to revisit a site for re-measurements. All details are effectively and accurately recorded with the help of 3D laser technology. We even save the scan for you to access for virtual walkthroughs accessible through the cloud.

Why Holovision 3D is Cost-Effective

Laser scanning is an efficient and time-saving process. By measuring and modelling your site with our mapping technology, you will reduce on-site working hours and gain a 3D model which engineers, clients and investors can access at any time. Take your team into the future of design by contacting us for a quote today.