3D Laser Scanning


Laser Scanning or LiDAR Scanning can sometimes be seen as a complex offering. However, it has quickly become the preferred method of retrieving extremely accurate 3D information from any site, offering a level of detail not previously achieved with traditional site measures and surveys.

The 3D Laser Scanning solutions Holovision offers means we can go to siteS and capture a comprehensive and accurate visual model/point cloud of any environment, structure or object which can be directly imported into most CAD-based systems. This non-contact measurement from a distance is not only safe but also a great cost-effective solution for capturing 3D data for large-scale, congested, detailed or hostile environments, or where direct access is not feasible.



  • As-built Conditions
  • Asset Inspection
  • Scan to BIM
  • Engineering Assessments
  • Condition Assessments
  • Clearance and Obstruction Analysis
  • Colourised Site Visualisations
  • Dilapidation & Feature Surveys
  • Terrain Mapping
  • Virtual Site Tours
  • Building a Digital Twin


  • Digital As-Built 
  • 3D Point Cloud 
  • Measurements 
  • Conventional Plans 
  • Elevations & Sections 
  • Fly-through movies 
  • BIM in 3D or 4D 
  • Rendered Models 
  • Animations for Progress Regimes



  • Real word status of any object 
  • Fast & Effective 
  • Detailed & Accurate – down to the millimetre! 
  • Capturing of Complex Environments 
  • Reduce Construction Risk & Costs – human error eliminated 
  • Remote Surveying where Direct Access is not possible 




Project Case Studies

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Milingimbi Store

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3D Laser Scanning

Sibelco - Volumetric Report

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Scaffold model

Scaffold Design & Site Layout

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Benefits of 3D Laser Scanning

Unit Development Application

3D Laser Scanning & Construction Modelling - Click to read the full case study...