We are a Brisbane based business providing 3D Survey & Design Solutions to multiple industries throughout Australia. Using cutting-edge technology & the expertise of our people, we specialise in 3D Laser Scanning, 3D Modelling, BIM Management, Construction Setout & Mixed Reality.


Industry sectors we serve



Holovision 3D provides an extensive range of 3D Solutions suitable for use in multiple industries.

We have invested in market-leading technology in order to provide our clients with advanced, innovative and accurate solutions for all types of projects.

Our equipment, software, and expertise is what you need to design, measure & visualise your next project.


3D Laser Scanning

Holovision 3D offers comprehensive 3D Laser Scanning services for the efficient, detailed, and accurate collection of 3D data.3D Laser Scanning is a method of capturing a real world environment or structure in three dimensions. Using this technology we are able to capture the full external or internal detail of any structure, of any size. 3D Laser Scanning is a safe and cost effective solution for capturing data in congested, detailed or hostile environments, or where direct access is not possible.The resulting 3D information - a point cloud of millions of surveyed points - can then be used to create a number of different deliverables, across a variety of applications, in multiple industries.
Possible Applications
  • Site Survey & Clash Detection
  • Building Measurement
  • Volume-metrics
  • Digital Scene Documentation
  • Heritage Sites
  • Floor Flatness Reports
  • Urban Planning
  • Development Approval
  • Digital As-Built
  • 3D Point Cloud
  • Measurements
  • Conventional Plans
  • Elevations & Sections
  • Fly-through movies
  • BIM in 3D or 4D
  • Rendered Models
  • Animations for Progress Regimes
  • Real word status of any object
  • Fast & Effective
  • Detailed & Accurate - down to the millimetre!
  • Capturing of Complex Environments
  • Reduce Construction Risk & Costs - human error eliminated
  • Remote Surveying where Direct Access not possible

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3D Modeling

Holovision 3D offers in-house 3D Modelling. Using 3D Modelling software we can create a real-life model of any structure. The 3D Models we create can also be incorporated into our 3D Point Cloud models from laser scanning. Using 3D Modelling Software for detailing we can detect clashes and verify exact measurements of a model against the as-built site.
  • 3D Model
  • Shop Drawings
  • IFC Files
  • Animation
  • Hologram
  • Clash Detection
  • Visualisation
  • Communication
  • Planning
  • Risk Management & Project Control


Building Information Modelling (BIM) is the process of creating & managing building data during the life-time of a project. Our team at Holovision 3D can do this for you.Using BIM we can give you the insight and tools to plan, design, construct & manage your projects. It can act as a shared knowledge source for all stakeholders. An example of this? We can combine contractor models, checking for constructability & clashes, to reduce construction risk and costs.A Holovision 3D team member will collaborate with your project team to ensure all levels of detail are accurately surveyed and modeled.
  • Collaboration & Visualisation
  • Project Management from Start-Finish
  • Improved Communication
  • Risk Reduction
  • Project Control
  • Cost Savings

Construction Setout

The Holovision 3D team can assist you with Site Positioning and Measurement using our Robotic Total Station & Field Link Software.Our Total Station uses precision optics to measure points in the 3-dimensional space at high accuracy and long distance. We use the Total Station for measuring as-build locations of slabs, anchors, walls, existing services, and much more, to assist with construction set out. We can also integrate the Total Station with our laser scanning technology in order to orientate the scan to real world coordinates.With the combination of 3D Laser Scanning and Total Station Measurements time on site and risk of human error is significantly reduced.
  • Accurate & Efficient Measurements
  • Time on-site Reduced
  • Eliminates Human Error
  • Risk Management & Project Control

Mixed Reality

Holovision 3D offers the use of Mixed Reality to help you visualise your structure, in the real world, before your project even begins.Mixed Reality is a combination of Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality. It works by augmenting the real world with 'virtual' objects by displaying a hologram. To do this we are currently using the Microsoft HoloLens in collaboration with SketchUp Viewer.Mixed Reality may be used throughout a projects life-time for design, collaboration and visualisation. It can also be beneficial it assisting your clients interpret drawings and visualise space, something they may find difficult if they're not from a design background. We can display your design in 1:1 or scale it down for an all-round view of the object.
  • 1:1 Walkthroughs of your own Structure
  • Project Collaboration
  • Design Co-ordination
  • Virtual Meetings
  • Tender Tool & Marketing Tool
  • Interact and Alter 3D Models
  • Map a Space
  • Dimensions & Measurement
  • Increased Collaboration
  • Visualisation
  • No Need to be On-Site
  • Impress Clients
  • Risk Management
  • Project Control