Broncos Training Field Flatness Report

Floor flatness map
Client: Hutchinson Builders
Location: Broncos Training Field, Brisbane
Services: 3D Laser Scanning, Flatness Reports

Project Summary

Hutchison Builders engaged Holovision to produce accurate floor flatness reports during the re-laying of the Brisbane Broncos Football Club’s training field.

Using 3D laser scanning technology, we were able to scan the training field to ascertain the differing levels of the field.


  • The field consisted of 4 layers that each had to be quality tested before moving on to the next.
  • The resulting data needed to be handed over on the same day of the survey.
  • The date needed to capture approximately 1 point for every 1000mm.

Our Solution 

Using our 3D Laser Scanner technology, we could easily isolate the floor area and determine its levelling.

The differing levels of the surface are portrayed by the colours on the map output. The map output is based on the tolerances selected.

Surveyors would usually use a total station to complete this project, which may take a few days for only one layer. Using the 3D Laser Scanner we were able to complete the scan and process the data on the same day, as requested by Hutchison Builders.

Project Outcomes

We were able to produce the floor flatness reports by capturing the data on-site. The report provided accurate data and measurements of the field.

Using 3D Laser scanning technology our client was able to have an accurate analysis of the field’s surface and its levelling.

Hutchison Building was able to mitigate the risk and expensive costs that could have occurred without a thorough understanding of the field’s surface.

3D Laser Scanning technology not only reduces cost, due to time saved but also improved accuracy.


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