“Visualise your structure in the real world before your project even begins using extended reality technologies”

Holovision uses Extended Reality (XR) technologies to assist clients with planning, to  visualise and solve complex construction problems with 3D structures and complex machinery overlayed in the real world.

Our XR technologies works by augmenting the real world with ‘virtual’ objects projected into the eye’s retina as a 3D object. We then share the impression that the virtual object is positioned into the real world. We use the latest technologies available to provide support for remote operations using hands-free XR headsets.

Our virtual reality tools allow clients to have immersive experiences and for project managers to troubleshoot issues during a project’s lifetime. We use a range of visualisations (VR, AR & MR) to help clients interpret drawings, visualise space, detect clashes and mitigate risks. We can display your design in 1:1 or scale it down for an all-round view of the structure/object.


  • 1:1 Walkthroughs of your own Structure
  • Project Collaboration
  • Design Co-ordination
  • Virtual Meetings
  • Tender Tool & Marketing Tool
  • Interact and Alter 3D Models
  • Map a Space
  • Dimensions & Measurement


  • Increased Collaboration
  • Visualisation
  • No Need to be On-Site
  • Impress Clients
  • Risk Management
  • Project Control