Heritage Building Roma St

heritage listed building
Client: KANE Constructions
Location: Roma St Station CBD Brisbane
Services: Construction Modelling, 3D Laser Scanning

Project Summary

Holovision was engaged by KANE Constructions to scan Queensland Rail’s heritage-listed building: Roma Street Station in Brisbane’s CBD before restoration works could begin.

Project Challenges

  • The heritage-listed building was structurally complex and highly variable due to its age. This adds difficulty to restoration works especially when you are unable to access areas safely to take measurements.
  • KANE Constructions were unable to commence restoration works until measurements could be taken.
  • The site was deemed hazardous and there were workplace health and safety concerns about accessing the site safety.

Our Solution

Using our 3D Laser Scanning and Construction Modelling software we are able to scan the full external structure to create a 3D  model of the environment.

We were also able to use the 3D laser scan to measure the ceiling without the need for an access lift. The laser scan also located the beams and identified where they needed to be replaced.

Project Outcomes

Upon completion of the shop drawings, Holovision imported the 3D model into Point Cloud to check for any clashes, and to verify the exact size of the beams required for the floor and ceiling.

This resulted in a seamless fabrication and installation process of the steel beams, with no reworks required – saving time and money

The project allowed KANE Constructions to see detailed and accurate measurements of the historical site before refurbishment commenced, thereby reducing construction risks and costs that can occur due to human error.

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