QLD Station Accessibility Upgrade Program

Client: Queensland Rail (QR)
Location: Queensland
Sector: Transport Rail
Technologies: 3D Laser Scanning, Engineering, Surveying & Construction Modelling
The Background

As part of the ongoing Station Accessibility Upgrade Program, Queensland Rail (QR) is upgrading railway station infrastructure across the state to provide a single access path from station entrances to the assisted boarding points.

These improvements, as well as raising the platforms, will make the rail system easier and safer to use for all commuters including mobility device users, the hearing, mobility or vision impaired, the elderly, the injured, pram users and luggage carriers.

Our Solutions

QR engaged Holovision to perform our laser scanning, engineering, surveying and construction modelling solutions to provide

efficiency, risk mitigation and certainty to the many platform-raising projects across Brisbane.

Our project workflow involved:

  • Laser Scanning of the existing platforms to produce an accurate point cloud model of the existing platforms
  • Design conformance and optimisation of steel frames platform assemblies
  • Construction Modelling:
    • Complete an initial layout of platform framing to match design documentation
    • Identify all clashes, design issues and assets to be raised by overlaying models with the point cloud data
  • Survey :
    • Set out frame positions and heights ahead of scheduled shutdown periods
    • Validate position and heights were as per design throughout the installation
    • As-built survey pickup and deliverables to crosscheck against design constraints
Benefit to Client
  • Laser scanning of the existing platform allows for accuracy throughout the design stages and reassures the client that steel frames would be accurate prior to manufacture and installation.
  • Clashes and design issues are identified and addressed early in the design process and design changes are proposed and adopted quickly.
  • Fast capture of measurements across multiple platforms instead of time-consuming traditional measurement methods.
  • Site measure and set out was completed safely without needing train stoppages
  • We have created an efficient and repeatable custom workflow for the solutions we provided to best fit the client’s needs, resulting in a positive and trusting relationship between Holovision and QR.