Bretts Hardware Showroom Redesigns

Windsor Showroom 3D Model
Client: Bretts Hardware
Location: Windsor, Brisbane
Services: 3D Laser Scanning, BIM, Visualisation
Project Summary

Holovision was engaged by Bretts Timber & Hardware to assist in redesigning the floor layout for their showroom in Windsor.

Using 3D laser scanning and extended reality technologies (a combination of virtual and augmented reality), we were able to laser scan the showroom to allow Bretts to visualise their designs with ‘virtual objects’ by displaying a 3D model.


Project Challenges
  • Obtaining site measurements of the existing showroom was becoming a very time consuming due to the complexity of the area.
  • Manual creation of floor plans and design documents was too costly and inaccurate.
  • Reviewing the design on 2D Plans or computer screens will not give the client an accurate perception of the environment.


Our Solution 

Using 3D Laser Scanning we scanned the existing showroom and generated a 3D Point Cloud Model of the environment.

Using the 3D Point Cloud software, we were then able to produce a 3D Model in Sketchup with the exact measurements and dimensions of the Showroom, down to the precise millimetre.

We were also able to play around with the model, creating different design proposals for the showroom, without the need to re-draw or measure.


Project Outcomes

We uploaded the Sketchup Model into the Microsoft HoloLens. This allowed the client to review the various design proposals in real-time, 1:1 scale. The client could interact with the 3D Model, not only getting a true feel for the users experience but altering it as they came to roadblocks.

By using 3D laser scanning and extended reality, the client was able to visualise the showroom in the real world and the virtual objects before work commenced on the project.

Our visualisation and 3D laser scanning technologies helped Bretts to make informed decisions about the redesign of the floor layout. AR and VR can be used throughout a projects life-time for design, collaboration and visualization.

We can help our clients interpret their drawings and visualise their space, and display designs in 1:1 or scale it down for an all-round view of the object.

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