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3D scanning is one of many recent technologies aimed at assisting with processes such as surveying, property or land evaluation, and architectural design. 3D scanning is used in many different ways, such as helping with the design and construction of a building or obtaining survey information about a particular site. This technology makes it possible to provide life-like images of a location, piece of land, or existing structure to enable designers, builders, and other professionals to make informed calculations. At Holovision 3D, we offer 3D surveys as well as a range of other cutting-edge services.

Benefits of 3D Scanning Services in Brisbane

One of the most important areas in which 3D scanning is helpful is land surveying. The days of manual surveying with measurement tapes are gone. Here are some of the advantages a 3D scan has over older methods. 

  • Reduced field time. Mapping a property typically takes significant amounts of time – not to mention money and effort. 3D scanning makes the process faster and trouble-free, allowing land surveyors to spend less time in the field and more time doing other aspects of their jobs, such as analysing the data collected.
  • Greater accuracy. Errors were a common issue with traditional measuring techniques. That was a big deal because a simple mistake could cause significant problems later on in the project. 3D scanning means more accurate measurements, providing property owners with an exact rendering of the project completely free of mistakes.
  • More versatility. 3D scanning can be performed in a variety of ways and on a wide range of platforms. This versatility allows land surveyors to use their scanners as needed in different circumstances. There are also different types of scanners, such as those that are compatible with mobile devices and those that can perform aerial mapping.

Related Services We Provide to 3D Laser Scanning in Brisbane

At Holovision 3D, we offer an extensive range of solutions for multiple industries. Along with 3D scanning, our services include:

  • BIM: Building Information Modelling (BIM) involves the creation and management of building data throughout the life cycle of a project. Using BIM, we can provide the insight and tools to plan, design, and manage your project.
  • Mixed Reality: We offer Mixed Reality as a way to help you visualise your project in the real world before it even gets started. Mixed Reality blends Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality, augmenting the real world with virtual objects to display a hologram. This service helps you interpret drawings and visualise space. We use this ability for a variety of applications, such as structure walkthroughs, project collaboration, virtual meetings, space mapping, and more.
  • 3D Modelling: Our 3D modelling software allows us to create a real-life model of any structure. We can also incorporate these models into our 3D Point Cloud models obtained from laser scanning. By using this software for detailing, we can verify precise measurements and identify potential issues with the design.
  • Constructions set out: We can assist you with measurement and site positioning using our Robotic Total Station and Field Link Software. This software makes use of precision optics for accurate long-distance measurements in the 3-dimensional space.

Why Trust Holovision 3D Regarding 3D Surveying in Brisbane

At Holovision 3D, we offer our data capture and design documentation services to architects, engineers, builders, contractors, and more. We assist designers and drafters with accurate laser scan data and design coordination from our four locations in Brisbane, Melbourne, Northern Territory, and Far North Queensland. 3D laser scanning is efficient, detailed, and accurate. Let us help you complete your project with ease and precision – contact us today to learn more.