Scaffold Design & Site Layout

Client: Acrow Formwork & Scaffolding Pty Ltd
Location: Brisbane City

Scope: Acrow Formwork & Scaffolding engaged Holovision 3D  to assist with the design and site layout of scaffold for constructions sites.

Traditional Challenges: 

  • 2D drawings used to determine the design of scaffold around the building site
  • Preempting clashes with the existing environment prior to erection
  • Site layout of the scaffold completed manually

Our Solution? 

Using our 3D Laser Scanner we scanned the existing site and generated a 3D Point Cloud Model of the as-built environment.

The design model could then be imported into the 3D Point Cloud to determine its positioning on site and identify any clashes between the scaffold & the existing environment, such as power lines and the tower crane.

Once the model was approved, our Robotic Total Station was used for accurate site-layout in accordance with the design. This ensured technical scaffolds and false work supports were based out exactly prior to the structure, eliminating any rework.


Download the case study here

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