Sibelco – Volumetric Report

Client: Sibelco
Location: Pinkenba, Brisbane

Scope: To provide prompt and accurate volume metric reports of sand-piles

Traditional Challenges:

  • Working around and on the sample, posing a safety risk
  • Usually takes 2 days to complete volume metric report – 1 day to survey, 1 day to register results
  • Captures approximately 1 point every 1000mm

Our Solution? 

Using our 3D Laser Scanner we are able to scan the environment, register the model of the as-built site and generate a volume metric report of the sample in half a day.

3D Laser Scanning is a safe and cost effective solution for capturing data in congested, detailed or hostile environments. It allows for remote surveying, whereby an individual does not need to directly access or work over the site, significantly reducing safety risk.

The volume-metric report generated from the scan is highly accurate. The 3D Laser Scanner captures 1 point every 10mm, rather than 1 point every 1000mm.

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