Sibelco – Volumetric Report

Volume metric result
Client: Sibelco
Location: Pinkenba, Brisbane
Services: 3D Laser Scanning, Volumetric Reports

Project Summary

Holovision was engaged by Sibelco (a global supplier of industrial minerals) to provide prompt and accurate volumetric reports of their raw material supplies for monthly stock take validation.

Project Challenges

Working around and on the sample, posed a safety risk for the health and safety of employees.

The job would have taken two days to survey it would also require someone to physically climb the stockpiles. 1 day for the survey and another day to register the results.

Our Solution

Using Holovision’s 3D Laser Scanning service, we were able to accurately measure the stockpiles without the need to physically climb on top.

3D Laser Scanning allowed Sibelco to reduce the amount of time spent on site and was a safe and cost-effective way to capture accurate measurements.

The volumetric report was generated on the same day as scanning and was provided to the client on a monthly basis.

Project Outcomes

We were able to produce monthly volumetric reports by capturing the data at Sibelco’s site.

The report provided accurate data and measurements of the site and removed the need to work over the sandpiles, significantly reducing the safety risk to Sibelco.

Our 3D Laser Scanning service is a safe and cost-effective solution for capturing data in external environments.

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