Trust Holovision 3D for 3D Scanning in Brisbane

3D scanning is one of many recent technologies aimed at assisting with processes such as surveying, property or land evaluation, and architectural design. 3D scanning is used in many different ways, such as helping with the design and construction of a building or obtaining survey information about a particular site. This technology makes it possible to …read more

Digital Surveying in Brisbane for Easy Engineering Solutions

Modern technology makes engineering simple with the help of digital surveying. At Holovision 3D, we can help you make accurate 3D models of your structures to review during the design process and for pre-construction client walkthroughs. Our variety of services allow internal and external scans as well as altered reality solutions for all your planning …read more

Trust Holovision 3D for Drone Surveying in Brisbane

Did you know that drone surveying is one of the most efficient ways to put together a complete assessment of any property. The professionals at Holovision 3D are trained to not only survey property but provide you with an in-depth analysis of your site. …read more

Holovision 3D Provides BIM Construction

Holovision 3D has extensive experience in offering scanning and design solutions utilising our cutting-edge equipment, and this includes BIM construction. With our BIM or Building Information Modelling, our team will collect all the information on your site and design to help you manage the project and keep all workers and subcontractors on the same …read more

Holovision 3D Provides Steel Detailing

Holovision 3D is well known in multiple industries for its high quality,  detailed 3D survey’s and design solutions that includes Steel Detailing in Brisbane. When you are constructing a building with steel beams, having an accurate and comprehensive 3D model of your project is essential to ensure that everything is done correctly from the outset. Our …read more